Friday, 23 May 2014

Derren Brown, Scotland, Majorca, Stubai, Forrest.

After the end of the winter in Courchevel, i have been on my travels. First stop was Scotland, then Majorca, Austria, UK & France.

The start of my travels was to go and see Derren Brown Live in Milton Keynes, it was awesome the tricks he was doing were insane! cheers Damon & Sue for sorting the tickets, then straight from the show me and my dad drove through the night up to Scotland to ride a half pipe and first uk comp it was awesome such a fun day riding just messing about in the sun with your mates in a stunt ditch! haha plus got the title of the first uk pipe comp champion! and a season pass for Cairngorms! stocked! spent the following week in Scotland at the Trinders house doing my Level 1&2 coaching course.

Halfpipe in Scotland!

From Scotland I flew to Majorca for the end of season Pleisure staff trip, got a lot of funny looks going through the airport with my board bag ha! fun few days in the sun, jumping off cliffs, sunbathing, drinking sangria in the all inclusive bar and going to one of the best beach bars where there was a rich german who must of been about 65 with about 15 girls in bikinis in there 20's! lucky guy! he must of had a big…. BOAT!

After flying back home i got the train to Austria, to ride the jumps at Stubai for 2 days, whilst there i witnessed history in the making Katie O landing the first ever BS double 1080 in womens snowboarding!

Then i travelled to UK with my parents in Forrest!

Stopped off at Champagne to visit the Merciers cellars couldn't believe how big it was, 18km long!!

We drove to Ashford for a couple of days shopping, got suited ready for friends wedding in the summer!
Then headed across to Cornwall and stayed in mates new house! fun few days on the coast, looking for treasure in caves, got stuck on a rock when the tide came in… got to meet up with a few of the O'Neill guys in the Big O'Neill bus near Newquay, it was so sick the inside was all old wood / pallets and the seats were made from wetsuits! they were doing a photo shoot which funny enough Dan Wakeham and Nick Atkins were doing so was good to see them and get in a few photos! this was to promote the O'Neill summer tour, check it out and go and see the sick bus for yourself.. Link to Tour info

From Newquay we headed to St Ives, met up with friends, more beach walking and sand dune jumping!

We got the ferry back to France from Plymouth. In Blois we went to the house of magic where the building comes to life every hour on the hour with dragons coming out of the windows!

Final stop was the beaujolais wine area where we visited a Goerge Dubeuof vineyard and his Hameau du Vin. Was really cool with 3d cinema, interactive stuff and wine tasting!

Now back in couch for the summer, bring on the volleyball!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The past couple of months have been good, mainly riding at home in Courchevel.  The DC park in Meribel probably been the best it has ever been, the pipe has been in perfect condition and so have the jumps, its been really fun riding here with the Pleisure boys. A little top to bottom edit i put together:

Danny, Me and Sam. 

A few weeks back i went to Andorra for the Total Fight slopestyle comp, the course was good, but on the comp day on my first practice run i fell really heavily off a rail landing on my back and couldn't compete, so we drove back to france. When i got back home went to see a physio to find out i had aggravated a disc and twisted my hip. Didn't feel to bad so still went to the brits which was a couple days later..

The Brits was a real fun week, so happy to have got on the podium in all the freestyle events, 1st place Halfpipe and 3rd in Rails and Slopestyle. It was great seeing people again and riding with Henry and Jamie, who also killed it, Parklife podium in Slopestyle 1, 2, 3!

British Halfpipe Champion!

Took a slam in pipe on my back again making it worse, so back home now for more physio and rest, gutted to miss out on Mayrhofen TeamGB trip. However off thursday to Scotland! they have the UK's first real snow halfpipe up at Cairngorms and a comp there to promote it on Saturday. and then i will stick around in Scotland while the snow lasts, meet up with the TeamGB lot, can't wait its going to be sick! :)  

Halfpipe Comp in Scotland!!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Burton European Open

Earlier in January I went to Laax for the Burton European Open was an awesome week I competed in pipe And made the semi finals I couldn't believe it! Was amazing and it was streamed live on the internet, which was also a first for me to be on live tv! It was really weird having cameras in your face all the time and knowing people all over the world are watching you! plus back in Courchevel my parents and friends were holding a drinking game in the bar for every trick I landed haha, real fun hope I get the chance again soon.

Here is a link to my run from the BEO semifinals

Been back in Courchevel now for a month, chilling, riding with my mates, some good powder days and good times. We built a powder jump and went upside down! Haha good times hopefully have some more opportunities to do it again!

Got to say it has been awesome watching all my GB team mates doing so well out in Sochi at the Olympics, amazing to see everyone killing it. Well done!

Now off to the Hoff for a wee trip, meet up with Parklife boys..

Thursday, 9 January 2014

start of season.

Have had a good start to the season...

In November i was invited the the O'Neill Shorditch Showdown, this was a fun event the set up was sick in center of London with a London Bus, Telephone box, post box etc! if you haven't seen footage of this check out

Stoked on having a 2page spread i got in Stuff magazine!

In November I got awarded as OCS Young Sports Person of the year for the Midlands, an awesome day in London,  got to go to the top of the Shard was scary especially when your dad scares you! high tea in the City Hall and then a presentation / awards ceremony hosted by Gabby Logan, they showed a video of all the winners and their sports which varied from Boxing, Volley Ball, Fencing, Basketball, Cycling...   

The next day i flew out to Colorado to meet up with Team GB, we had a private Pipe session with the American team at Copper Mountain. Was awesome never had a private pipe, it felt good to be back in the pipe haven't ridden it in a while, was so much fun :)

After the pipe i went and rode Breck Park lane with Rowan, Tyler and Katie S was fun just messing about doing some 5's and 7's. Check out the christmas jingle bells edit.

got home for Christmas and New Year feels good to be back but looking forward to going to the Burton European Open tomorrow!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Tux, Pleasure Jam, home in Courch

My last few days in Tux were good, snow was amazing, although only 1 sunny day so spent most of the time hitting the rail line, did manage on the good day to land a fs1080!

Slashing the powder filled pipe! with Rowbag and the Kern, cheers for pic Trinder!

Was a sick month riding with these guys, hopefully same again soon..

We all headed over to the O'Neill Pleasure Jam in Dachstein Austria, was fun park and comp was good. Landed my first run and then sketched a bit on my 2nd really stoked though as i landed a sb9 in my run and have never done that before :)

O'Neill rainbow at the Pleasure Jam

Straight after the O'Neill Pleasure Jam, me, Jamie trinder and Nate kern headed to Munich and home.. on the way we went to the Red Bull Hangar 7 at Salzburg airport, if you haven't heard of this place it is amazing, museum with everything to do with Red Bull, cars, planes, even Felix Baumgartner capsule and suit..

and then it has an awesome bar overlooking the museum, that does Smart food that is soo good and all served in glasses, menus for brain, beauty and mood. You get 3 courses and a drink, amazing..

Got back home to Courch and snow in town! hit up a hand rail

and also found a little street slopestyle line that we shaped was super fun, roller to skip rail to quarter.. 

Can't wait, i leave for The O'Neill Shoreditch Showdown in London on Thursday and then of to America!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Saas-Fee, Hintertux & Stubai

My winter season started earlier in October..

1st stop for me was Saas Fee in Switzerland, to ride pipe, it was sick soo stocked to get back into it, was only there for a short stay, now cant wait to ride pipe again will have to wait until December!

From Saas Fee i headed across to Austria and Hintertux, the best place this time of year for jumps, was a fun few weeks with loads of Team GB out here. and rocking my new O'Neill outerwear which is siiick!

Last week there was a comp at Hintertux, the Zillertal Valley Rally, stoked that i won best trick with a switch backside 900! and also big shout out to my Team GB riding buddies Jamie Trinder & Rowan Coultas for taking 2nd & 3rd in the slopestyle comp.

The judges faces when i threw the best trick!! And the video of the comp with me at 3:44

I have also been over to Stubai a couple of times, me and Jamie went over for opening day, set up was real good. Then last week i was back there for a photoshoot for Head's new products, was fun and hopefully got some shots that will be used in the catalogues / website.

I am still out in Austria, now just me, Jamie Trinder & Nate Kern riding as much as we can when the weather is good! has not been this last week!!

Have also been skating when i can, this is in the indoor Innsbruck skatepark

Later this week is the O'Neill Pleasure Jam at Dachstein Glacier Austria, this is always a real good early season comp, high standard with loads of the top riders there and the first big event on the World Snowboard Tour. Hopefully the weather and winds are good, as it is prone to being real bad weather up on this glacier!! and that us Brits kill it again over there!!

I will then be heading back home to Courch for week or so before going to the UK for an awesome looking event that O'Neill are putting on in London and i am stoked to have an invite for..

A fun few weeks coming up!.. check back to see how it goes..

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Summer 2013

This summer i passed driving test, snowboarding at Cervinia and Les 2 Alpes, turned 18, had an awesome holiday, played some volleyball and brought my 1st set of wheels!

For my 18th the plan for the day was, snowboard, skate and party! we went to the 2 alpes to snowboard, the park and pipe was still in perfect shape for late July.  On the way back from L2A is Crolles skate park and huge bowl one of my favourite places to skate, only got a short skate in as a thunder storm surrounded us, never skated with lighting before haha. Then party at The Drop Inn until late. All in all not a bad 18th.

The rest of the summer was spent hanging out at home in Courchevel, first time have done this for a long time, nice and relaxing and ensuring my knee / leg is back to full strength. Most of the time was mainly spent playing volleyball!!

At the end of August Me and Dave Matthews entered the Frappadingue which was 12.6km assault course through the woods with an obstacle every 400m was very fun and tiring! haha, going to get more of us to do it next year!

Look of relief, we made it to the end!!
here is an edit of the Frappadingue:


Straight after the frappadingue i went on a 3 week holiday with my parents in our campervan Forrest. First off we drove down to St Tropez on south coast of France, swam in some amazing waterfalls and spent a few days in a campsite with its own private beach at Port Grimaud.

Then we drove across to the west coast of France. On our way stopped at the coolest campsite, Belrepayre Airstream and retro trailer park in the foothills of the Pyrenees, was an awesome place the people who owned it were really nice and the old guy did pretty much everything and was the dj in the bar later on haha.

On the west coast we stayed in Capbreton at H2O holidays with Jim, Annie and Thatch at their cool surfhouse Real good fun week with these guys, rode some waves, good food, wine, bridge jumps, go-karting, oysters and my first trappiste! bottled beer at 9.5%! and skated at awesome bowl at Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Next we headed down to Spain and in particular to Rioja for wine tasting! we visited a number of Bodegas (vineyards). The Marques de Riscals was an amazing place and really good wine! another we went to was Bodegas Vina Herminia, it looked closed until all a sudden someone just appeared from no where, we got a personal tour around the caves and then more wine tasting, even asked me if i was doing wine education as i knew what i was doing haha.

On our way back to France we stopped off in Andorra and visited a bar where they sold a few hundred different beers, was mental. Back in France we went to some amazing swimming places, gorges, rivers, waterfalls, lakes. We found some natural hot springs in the woods in middle of nowhere, just the hot spring creating a stream and then pools that people had made with rocks etc. hot natural bath so good.

an Amazing Summer! looking forward to the winter now!!! and travelling in my new van..